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Topographic Land Surveying, Measured Building Surveying and 2D / 3D Cad Design

Topographic Land Surveying

The main survey software package in use at the office is LSS developed by McCarthy Taylor Systems of Birdlip in Gloucestershire. Visit their site at

LSS is a powerful Windows-based Digital Terrain Modelling system capable of importing a wide range of 3D data, including raw land survey information from EDM or GPS instruments, CAD systems and user-definable coordinate formatted data.

The use of efficient computer software is essential to the smooth running of our business. Over the last 15 Years we have used several different packages these have included MOSS, LMR and 4CE amongst others. By using these packages we have gained invaluable experience in the use of 3D terrain modelling software.

We now use LSS for all out Land Survey / GPS processing, Volume Calculations and Design work.LSS immediately produces a triangulated terrain model, which can then be queried, viewed, manipulated and designed through.

If the imported data contains point and linear feature coding information such as trees, hedges, buildings, kerbs, crest and toe of banks etc, LSS will represent these features on screen and on final plotted output as user-defined symbols and line styles.

LSS is a complete land survey, terrain modelling, volumetrics, design and visualisation package which is relied upon by many blue chip organisations and is well respected amongst engineering and survey professionals as the system of choice for modelling and design. Recent enhancements to the system have once again placed LSS ahead of its competition in several key areas and they invite you to learn more about the solutions they offer.

Measured Building Surveying

Since 2003 we have used the MBS software for all measured building surveys.

Visit their site at


MBS Floor Plans allows for real time graphical capture of all the elements required for the production of scale drawings of floor plans. Running on simple hand-held computers the surveyor can input spatial data directly from a reflectorless Total Station or hand-held bluetooth laser measuring device, or manually from a steel tape.

MBS are an independent surveying software company owned, and managed, by measured building and hydrographic survey professionals. The software and methodology has therefore been developed by people who intimately understand all of the practical problems associated with these types of surveys.

Uniquely, the software is developed in conjunction with one of the country’s leading measurement surveyors which means it is thoroughly tested on real jobs. You can be confident that the software meets the critical requirements for quick and cost efficient surveying for both the practicing measurement professional and hydrographic surveyor.

MBS was founded in 1995 and there are over 200 customers benefiting from the continued development of both building survey and hydrographic software.


We have used AutoCAD for our drawing output from its early days. We ourselves started with version 9 and currently use 2007. 

AutoCAD is a powerful 2D and 3D design and drafting platform that automates your design tasks, and provides digital tools so you can focus on the design rather than the software itself. Architects, engineers, drafters, and design-related professionals use AutoCAD to create, view, manage, plot, share, and reuse accurate, information-rich drawings.

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