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Land Surveys for Landscape Architects

SV Surveying Ltd is able to provide a surveying service closely tailored to the requirements of Landscape Architects, Garden Designers and others interested in planning the natural environment. Particular care is taken to accurately portray existing planting, shrubbery, trees and boundary features. Footprints of existing buildings are shown together with window and door openings to assist in planning views. The information shown on the survey is specifically designed to assist in the planning of new features as well as the portrayal of those already existing.

Working With Engineers and Architects

While Landscape Architects are better placed to produce the design drawings for their clients submission. SV Surveying Ltd offer a service to produce professional topographical surveys to form the basis of the Landscape Architects design.

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Send us a plan via email, fax or post of the survey area for a fixed price quotation. If you want to discuss your survey requirements in more detail then please do not hesitate to Contact us for a fixed price quotation

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Topographic Survey for Landscape Design

Our Other Land Surveying Services

The types of survey available are numerous some of which are listed below:

  • Large and small scale topographic surveys

  • Environmental Flood Risk Surveys

  • GPS surveys

  • Installation of survey and engineering control

  • Site surveys

  • Volumetric analysis and earthworks design

  • CAD services

  • River channel and flood plain surveys

  • GPS surveys 

  • Monitoring

  • Setting out

  • Provision of site engineering survey staff

  • Digital design

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