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Measured Building Floor Plan Survey

Guide price from 1.00 / sq.m.

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Nationwide Surveying Service.

This service is available to all clients large or small. Our floor plan surveys are accurately measured on site by modern, "state of the art" Leica Laser Distance Measuring equipment linked to laptops running MBS software to survey and record the floor plans. All our surveys are drafted electronically using CAD using MBS, LSS and AutoCAD V14 and V2007. As a result all our output data is available as either digital data or as a traditional paper plan.

Measured Floor Plan Surveys from 1.00 / sq.m

Located in Leicestershire SV Surveying Ltd is based in East Midlands but works throughout the  West Midlands  Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and has several clients in the London area plus operating throughout the rest of the UK and abroad.

Church Elevation Example

PDF Example. -  Survey example

Our surveyors have at least 12 years experience in the surveying of building floor plans, working on a variety of projects from small domestic properties and churches to large industrial complexes, institutional buildings and schools.

The surveys are available via email in the following formats LSS model file, LSS load file, AutoCAD .DXF, or DWG, MBS, MX MOSS Genio and Microstation.

If you require another format give us a call we will probably know a way around the problem or will be able to convert the data into a compatible format for your system.

Bank Elevation Example

PDF Example. -  Survey example

Measured Floor Plan Surveys - Key Benefits

Speed and Accuracy
Digital Output for most CAD systems
Availability via Email

Measured Floor Plan Surveys - Capabilities

We have been involved in a wide variety of projects from small private house surveys to large Industrial surveys, commercial and local government properties. These floor plan surveys can be combined with our GPS and Land Survey expertise to provide the client with a complete one stop service. Contact us for a fixed price quotation

Building Floor Plan Survey
Detailed digital Floor Plan Surveys to scale for records or development
Download PDF Information Sheet. -  Floor Plan Information.
          Download PDF Example. -  Small Survey.              PDF Example. -  Large Survey
Building Elevation Survey
Detailed digital building elevation surveys
Download PDF Information Sheet. -  Elevation Plan Information.
          Download PDF Example. -  Small Surveys.            PDF Example. -  Large Survey
Land Survey with Topographic Detail
Combined Floor Plan Surveys and Land Surveys in digital output for CAD
Download PDF Information Sheet. -  Topo Survey information.
          Download PDF Example. -  Survey example.

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