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3D Laser Scanning Survey

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3D Laser Scanning for Architects

Utilising the latest technology and software, 3D Laser Scanning provides a high level of detail and accuracy in a fraction of the time of traditional survey methods. Suitable to both 2D and 3D outputs, laser scanning can benefit projects in a variety of ways.


Reduced site survey time

Measuring up to 360,000 points per second, our laser scanners can capture a high level of detail in a short amount of time. This is ideal for projects with a limited window of site access, a quick turn-around time or simply a need to minimise the disruption caused by having surveyors on site.

BIM compatibility

3D laser scanned pointclouds provide a perfect starting point for BIM projects, which are rapidly becoming the standard for efficient planning, collaboration and design. To aid with this, we also provide Revit modelling services to produce 3D models to suit the needs of your project.

Complete data collection

The sheer volume of data collected by 3D Laser Scanning reduces the need for site revisits and provides a fully measurable data set which can be referred back to at any point during a project. Both 2D and 3D outputs can be tailored to the level of detail and accuracy required, and pointclouds can be used to extract both architectural and topographical detail.

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Laser Scan Survey

Laser Scan Survey
Laser Scan Survey
Laser Scan Survey
Laser Scan Survey

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