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GPS Surveying
Topographic Surveying
Measured Building Survey
Measured Elevation Survey
Visualistion and Animation

Land Survey Services

GPS Surveying
Accurate and Precise survey control survey's...

GPS Surveying Leica System 530 GPS Control Pad

Topographic Land and Engineering Surveying
Traditional Land and Engineering survey's ...
Flood Risk Assessment Topographic Survey
Land Surveys for Flood Risk Assessment ...

Flood Risk Topographic Survey - A bit late!

Landscape Design Topographic Survey
Land Surveys for Landscape Architects and Designers ...

Landscape Design
Measured Building Surveys
Comprehensive Computer Aided building floor plan survey's...

Building Floor Plans

Measured Elevation Surveys
Comprehensive Computer Aided building elevation survey's...
3D Laser Scanning
 Capture the world with high resolution point clouds...


Hidden Utility Surveys
A clear picture of any underground utilities and assets ...

Underground Utility Survey

Visualisation and Animation Virtual Modelling
See Your Survey and Design  models come to life ...

Computer Visualisation and Animation

Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI)
Computer Visual Impact Analysis ...


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